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  • The 2006 Stella Award Winners

    You often see those bogus emails telling about the "cases", non-existent, of the various ways in which people abuse the legal system by entering into litigation with the intent of making as much money as they can out of it. The following newsletter comes ...
  • Are Organic Foods Too Expensive?

    Organic foods are cost-prohibitive.... or are they? When one considers what the costs of doctors and prescription medications are and how much it''s costing to undo the damage that all the chemically-laden foods we find in the average supermarket cause, t...
  • Front Page Discontinued by Microsoft

    The "F" Word Is No More....For those who don''t already know, Microsoft has discontinued Front Page . For those who rely upon this product, they now, in order to keep up with changing web technologies, will have to spend a lot more to get the replacement ...
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