A Flying Car? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 19:57

Looks like the Jetsons are not far off..  this little flying car has now cleared a hurdle with the FAA and is expected to go to market as early as next year:


This causes some concerns. Even now we can't seem to stop people from texting and driving at the same time. Just imagine how much more damage they can do when airborne. It gives the phrase "we'll drop by" a whole new meaning....

At least for now the cost of one of these will be out of most people's budgets, so we don't have to worry YET. But like all technology over time, the price eventually goes down. It's bad enough dealing with drivers on the road, but the potential is now there to have them cluttering up the air as well, dropping their trash all over your property instead of just alongside the road (bad enough that they drop it there!) and polluting areas that were so far pristine because one couldn't easily drive there. As nice as the technology could be, I sure hope they get some rules into place before they let these things loose.

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