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Wednesday, 27 May 2009 04:37

Every once in a while something occurs which makes one wonder just how much in the universe had to line up in order for it to occur in just the way it did.

When I work late, which is often, I recently started listening to old Jean Shepherd recordings, many made from his WOR radio days back in the 60s and 70s. I downloaded a number of these from www.flicklives.com, and have enjoyed listening to them as they bring back fond memories of the many nights I spent early in my marriage listening to his shows live. My ex worked nights and we didn't own a TV for a couple of years, so this was my entertainment when I was home alone.

Jean did not pre-record those shows, they were done live each evening and were often renditions of stories from his childhood, much like the movie "A Christmas Story" for which he is probably best known. Some nights he would do commentaries on current events of the day, or tell about ball games he'd seen. Jean had a storyteller's talent for making even the most mundane telling hold one's interest for hours. His earlier shows went through the night, something like 11pm-3am or so. During the mid-70s, when I first started listening, his time slot started around 9pm.

In any event, I was listening to a show recorded back in 1962, and heard Jean say "It's now 10 past 11." I looked up at the clock above my desk, and was surprised to see that it also showed 11:10 as being the time. A little while later, listening to an excerpt from another of his shows, I again heard Jean state the time: "It's now 12 o'clock." Again I looked up at the clock, and again the clock matched the same time! Once is a coincidence, but twice? With different shows? How did that manage to happen twice in a row, with recordings from two different shows?

It's one of those things that makes one say "hmmmm... " and wonder just how much is really coincidental.

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