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Friday, 12 November 2010 19:18
Some interesting statistics regarding online marketing are given in this video. I'll let it speak for itself, but add some items I found most interesting below.

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  • 54% of CIOs block social media at work, yet 81% maintain company accounts or profiles on social media sites. This compares to only 67% of B2C (business to consumer).
  • Only 16 of FTSE 100 Companies use Twitter, yet 20% of Tweets contain a reference to a brand or product.
  • Over 70% of purchases are restricted to established vendors or are heavily dependent on Word of Mouth, yet 37% posted questions on social networking sites. This says to me "missed opportunities" if one's business is not on one of these social networking sites, because 93% of B@B buyers use search to begin the buying process.
  • And 53% of C-executives prefer to locate information for themselves... so if you're selling B2B, you need to be online in as many places as possible.

Lots of room for thought, but it comes down to getting your business on social media sites for the widest exposure. These sites often carry a high Page Rank, meaning that linking them back to your own site will help with your own page rank and getting users to your site.

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