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Wednesday, 08 October 2008 23:42

...OR you may end up having it hijacked.

There are those less-scrupulous individuals out there who will try to gain control over your business listing in Google Maps. Any unclaimed listings can be taken over... the thief edits an uncliamed listing to change the phone number, address and other pertinent information,even add user reviews. They then claim the listing in Google Maps.

Why? They are after listings that show up well in search engines for popular keywords.But all of the traffic you worked so hard to gain is now directed toward one of their sites, and the thief now starts earning commissions from your Google Maps listing.

You won't even know about it unless you happen to notice incorrect information later on in organic search results.

Go to this form on Google to claim your listing, and do it now while you can still claim your own listing. It's a pretty easy process. If you are already listed, then Google will show you the listing information, but if you're not listed you can claim the listing as your own and fill in pertinent details about your business.

Another Reason to Claim your Listing

Anyone using a mobile phone to locate a local business, say, for flowers, can instantly be shown a listing of all local businesses that sell flowers and their location on a map. making sure your location is shown accurately on Google Maps is important for potential customers to find you. This is eventaully going to filter down toAdwords, where businesses will be targeted within a block of their actual location.

Who knows what other impact this may have on your business later, as technology develops further? Claim your listing, update the information so that it's accurate. You'll be glad you did.

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